Eric Othenin-Girard

A Baselworld view from an insider: Eric Othenin-Girard

Back from the biggest international watch exhibition, Eric Othenin-Girard, specialized journalist and trainer answers our questions on Baselworld 2014. He tell us about models, personalities, brands and so on.

By Joel Grandjean

Your most unfortunate late arrival…
It would rather be my interlocutors who are late because they are stressed and lose track of time. I am never late.

Your most remarkable meeting
Till now, it is yet to happen since it would be a meeting with the director of a brand who told the truth…

Your best encounter
Guillaume de Seynes, one of the directors of Hermès.

Your best surprise
Harry Winston’s very thrilling comeback.

Something that struck you about the organization
Having to share the media center with Asian colleagues who took areas reserved for computers for a Chinese fast food table. They shove you and belch at the table… Anyway…

Your shortest night
The very short nights I spent on boats since nowadays other people’s sleep is no longer respected. We were woken up no less than fifteen times a night by a bunch of drunk partygoers.

Your longest day
All the days were long because I had one meeting scheduled after the other.

Your favorite watch
To be honest, I did not see anything that was outstanding. It is what may be called a consolidation year…

The contact you most look forward to following up on and to getting to know better

The sentence or words that got to you?
Between the PRs that know nothing, the small marketing directors who want to dictate to us what we should be writing and a group of watchmaking directors who suffer from the Zeppelin syndrome (they get all smug) and who lie through their teeth with their hand on their heart. All the ingredients are present to make one big blooper.

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