Elena Stefanova

Elena Stefanova, an insider at Baselworld 2014

Back from Baselworld 2014, Elena Stefanova - Horologist Product Marketing specialist and Art historian - answers to our questions. She talks watches, personalities, brands and so on.

By Joel Grandjean

Your most unfortunate late arrival…
Given my extremely tight schedule, I didn’t even have the time to be late!

Your most surprising meeting
I met an expert in oscillation construction – he knows his history very well!

Your best encounter
There was a new encounter and there was a reunion with an old acquaintance. It is impossible to choose between the two!

Your best surprise
I would rather not say!

Something that struck you about the organization
BaselWorld managed to strike a balance between conviviality and its new bigger space!

Your shortest night
The first one!

Your longest day
The first one!

Your favourite watch
The new Haute Joaillerie Harry Winston Rosebud for the shape of its case, the refinement of the jewelry work and the smooth gliding movement of its cover.

Harry Winston Rosebud Harry Winston Rosebud

The contact you most look forward to following up on and to getting to know better
Noémie Oulevey and her “Contreforme” agency for her “Culture d’images” (image culture).

The sentence or words that got to you?
Certain silences…

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