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Baselworld 2013: HAUTLENCE unveils new collection - DESTINATION

By Joel Grandjean

Guillaume Têtu is certainly single minded. Placed very high in the pyramid of luxury - too high? - the brand he co-founded and whose name is an anagram of Neuchâtel, forever the birthplace, has moved to La Chaux-de-Fonds, has been recapitalized and eventually acquired by the Meylan father and son. It has become the “laboratory” little sister of the Moser & Cie brand. It still had to come down from its pedestal to catch more than the cream of collectors from Hong Kong or Singapore. Thus, in 2012, it left manufactured calibers and precious metals with its Avant-Garde HL RS collection. All this to allow a more aggressive positioning, a sort of entry-level line. Then, in early 2013, Hautlence opted for a round version of it’s HL, the HL RQ, whose shape extends the original model, the famous and now historic box in the form of a cathode-ray screen.

HAUTLENCE Destination 03
Hautlence Destination 03 presented at Baselworld 2013
Signature and no longer Manufacture, a label that reveals that the caliber of this bait was neither designed nor manufactured intra muros. This takes nothing away from its manufacturing swissness. Better it allows to establish its attractiveness with prices ranging from CHF 20'000 to 30,000, depending on whether you opt for the Destination 01 (CHF 30'000), the Destination 02 (CHF 20'000) or destination 03 (CHF 22'000). Have a good trip...

HAUTLENCE Destination 02 presented at Baselworld 2013

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